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Going vegan

Who would have thought that November will be here so quickly? Days are passing at some speed in the rhythm of work – home-sleep on repeat. When it’s not a work –  work day then it’s catching up with everything else. And never enough time for all plans. We had clocks change this past weekend and as much as it’s nice to go to work in sunlight when I am leaving it’s already dark. Traditionally we crave more substantial foods when getting colder and darker, I, however, have a something about veg and fruit this autumn. Can eat fruit by the bags. And add more veg to my meals every day. Actually, like the idea of going vegan for a while. Even my bellowed eggs are not what I fancy to eat right now.


Just like the dinner the other night, Nasi Goreng fried rice with oyster mushrooms and cauliflower – sweet potato curry.

Or last night’s dinner of veggie burgers with pumpkin dumplings and homemade coleslaw. Coleslaw made with Soya based sauce, not a mayo.  See I don’t even want to eat mayo.

It might be an effect of reading the Farmageddon; book about the true cost of the cheap meat by Philip Lymbery and Isabel Oakeshott.  A terrifying book, much scarier than Stephen King book, scarier – because this one is real. Authors are asking very important questions, how much do we really pay for cheap meat. And as much as I stopped eating cheap chicken some years ago, I still have no idea where from are pig and beef coming when I look at them in the supermarkets. The proud red tractor logo really doesn’t tell us much about how the animals are bred, kept and slathered.


We can opt for free range and organic, but the problems with mass consumption of meat are not getting smaller. There is an environmental cost of it, there is a health cost for those of us who consume it, and there is a financial cost for all of us as even if we don’t eat it, we still pay taxes. Taxes which will have to be used to treat those who suffer because of eating this meat, taxes used for conservation of the nature we are destroying every day. The money we pay for charities to clean our continence and look after people affected by big business and animals endangered in the process of us stuffing ourselves sick.

Try going vegan

maybe just add more no-meat days to your calendar. Maybe every other day is feasible, I know I am going to try.