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Jackfruit – pulled pork style – vegan food

Jackfruit  – pulled pork style – vegan food

As the journey into vegan food continues, I discover more and more foods and ways to cook. My recent discovery is the jackfruit. Like many others, I saw the tasty and it got me hooked on trying to make a jackfruit pulled pork dish.

Fresh mature Jackfruit

it not so easy to get on my side of the woods, my first attempt was made with young green one. And let me tell you they are not as easy to deal with as it may seem. Just to cut it up almost cost me a finger :D. They are very tricky to cut safely as they are very fibrous and full of strange sticky substance – always remember to cover your (very sharp!) knife with oil and don’t be me – don’t rush.  Despite the injuries, jackfruit made great tasting burgers!

Vegan burger
Jackfruit pulled pork burger

My second attempt was with canned young green jackfruit, you can get the canned one in oriental markets, it is so much easier to prepare. Just open the can, rinse the brine and it’s ready to cook.

So how did I make it?

Chopped 2 onions and fried them, open three cans of the jackfruit, rinsed and put that with the onions into the pan, cover it with veggie stock and simmer for 1 and a half hours. As jackfruit is quite neutral in flavour feel free to season it the way you like. I used salt, pepper, hot and sweet paprika, fenugreek, asafoetida and soy sauce. You can add herbs or smoked paprika or whatever you like.

Once it’s soft and sort of falling apart let the stock evaporate to condense the flavour. Then shred the “meat” and put on the lined baking tray. Roast it at the 180C /Gas mark 6 for approximately 1 hour.  At this stage, you can divide the mixture into as many meals you want, (we are a small family so it makes minimum 2, so part of it gets frozen). Form the burger shapes (or not!) cover it in vegan BBQ sauce (I used Lidl) and bake for further 45 min.

Read to serve as a burger, sandwich or with a meal of veg and grains.  It’s delicious, enjoy!