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Seaside meals – vegan fish and chips!

Seaside meals – vegan fish and chips!

We made it! We live by the sea, this was our objective for the past eight years and we made it. It comes with its unique set of challenges. Since my last post in April (I can’t believe how time flies!) we embraced minimalism in the ways I didn’t think possible, we also went completely vegan and downsized our home. But, the greatest part of our changes was the move to the sea. Living by the sea means going to the seaside anytime. It also means seaside meals. Like vegan fish and chips.

I know that vegan fish and chips sound like an oxymoron – but it’s possible and tasty!

Also very quick to make and cheap (important if you are on a tight budget!) all you need are:

celeriac (medium size)
nori sheets
some veggie stock and some flour
oil for frying

and whatever chips you fancy (we had today potato and parsnip, because parsnip is lovely and who doesn’t like a potato!)

Put your choice of chips in the oven.

Peel celeriac and slice it thinly (6 mm or so), simmer it in a bit of sock for 2-3 minutes. Needs to be still tender, then take it out wrap in a piece of a nori sheet, dip it back in the stock to moisten seaweed and roll in flour, then fry on both sides.

serve with salt, ketchup, mayo, sriracha, vinegar or anything you fancy. Enjoy!

If you are traditionalist you can always make a vegan version of mushy peas – all you need are some garden peas, soy yoghurt, a bit of vinegar and some seasoning. Mush it together and it’s done.