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Spread the joy: Plum-chocolate spread, very decadent, very yummy!

Spread the joy: Plum-chocolate spread, very decadent, very yummy!

When the days are getting shorter we all need something to pick us up a bit. Nothing ac do it better than chocolate. There is only one problem, it is difficult to find good, ethical chocolate at a reasonable price. Finding a chocolate spread without palm oil and tons of sugar. That is where you can’t go wrong with this beautiful, homemade plum-chocolate spread. Have it on the toast for weekend breakfast, with pancakes or just a spoon from the jar as a pick me up. One word of warning – it is addictive!

I suggest you will make two jars in one go. One will not be enough.

So for the Plum-chocolate spread, you will need:

1 kg of dark purple plums (the ones prunes are made of are the best)

¾ cup of sugar (caster/ light brown –up to you)

seeds  from 1 vanilla stick

70g cocoa powder

Cut up the plums, remove the stones and put them in a bowl.  Cover plums with sugar and leave it to stand for at least an hour (can overnight) to release the juices. Put in a blender with vanilla and cocoa and mush it until smooth. Transfer the mush to a wide rim pan with a thick base. Bring it to boil and simmer on a low heat for at least an hour mixing occasionally. Spread needs to get same thickness as good fruit conserve.

How to check if the thickness is right – cool a saucer in the freezer, pour a spoon of hot spread on it and if it set – then is ready.

Another version is to make it with actual prunes.  You can use the same quantity of prunes, just re-hydrate them with approx 300ml of hot water mixed with a tablespoon of lemon juice. In adult version re-hydrate in rum, whiskey or brandy.

You can also use cinnamon or ginger instead of vanilla. Experiment. It is a good thing to do in the kitchen.

We enjoyed it on millet and coconut vegan pancakes with coconut cream- that was a pure decadence.