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Vegan adventures – old fashioned schnitzels from dry soya mince.

Vegan adventures – old fashioned schnitzels from dry soya mince.

My adventures into a world of vegan cooking are really tasty. As much as I enjoy using new ingredients and finding new ways of cooking sometimes I miss simple meals from childhood. Schnitzels are not something associated with vegan food, but neither are sausages – are they are plenty of vegan ones out there. On that note allow me to introduce – old fashioned schnitzels – made from dry soya mince. I know that soya mince is not a sexy thing, now when we can have all sorts ready vegan meals soya mince seems like something slightly weird. However, it is a good filler for spag bowl and pies, a good source of protein and, as it turns, a great mince for schnitzels!

I had this food fantasy

(as the weather doesn’t treat us well and I have a need for spring), of a steaming pile of new potatoes with a heap of chopped dill, few different types of coleslaw and schnitzels. So after a shopping trip to the market to get new potatoes, I started cooking.

Schnitzel recipe:

200g of dry soya mince

100g of chickpea flour

2 tbsp of milled flax seeds

mix it together and pour 400 ml of boiling water (or vege stock), let it soak and expand.

chop 1 onion

grate a carrot and a parsnip

fry an onion, then when it’s getting golden add carrot and parsnip, fry until all liquid evaporates. Add whatever seasoning you like, I used sweet and hot paprika, tomato puree, salt and pepper – to keep it simple but feel free to experiment.

Add vegetables to the bowl with mince, with chopped dill and parsley, and mix well.

Form schnitzels, fry with little oil on both sides. Serve hot with new potatoes and coleslaw.

Can be used as a burger or kebab, can be grilled, fried, baked. It’s a very versatile mixture, and very tasty.

schnitzel vege