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New Year resolutions and other such crap

New Year resolutions and other such crap

Ok, there won’t be any resolutions. There are some plans for 2018 but no resolutions. Resolutions are bad for you, especially if you give it up in first two weeks of January and feel guilty about it until you forget it all together, possibly around mid-March. Who needs that kind of negativity in life? Also, many of them are unrealistic, like going to the gym 5 times a week or giving up chocolate (masochism alert!), so I stick with plans.

So instead of resolutions, my plans are:

Number one to move across the country in the summer (or just as soon as possible, but I think it will be during school holidays, just to make it easier on sorting the schools etc.)

Number two is to start my master’s course, in September – those two are linked – we move for me to study, but they are also linked to long list things to do. Boring things, like sorting the finances and accommodation and decluttering house further so we know what we are taking with us.

Number three is to practice drawing – I mean practice some more. Not only as a hobby but as well as something crucial to my next studies. Being able to draw realistic things can be massively beneficial.

Number four is to read more – I’m trying, I do days without internet and just read, but days are too short to fit all the books I want to read and 8 hours at work + commute.

Number five is to keep on track of our semi-vegetarian/vegan diet, it is better for us and better for the planet. It’s also very tasty, so tasty in fact that I can’t keep up with taking photos – food is disappearing almost immediately and afterwards I think – I should have taken the photo for the blog! too late!

So that is it  – five plans for new year. Also, because such milestone occasions like the end of the year call for celebration –  what a better way to celebrate than a great meal with people we love, so a few photos from our vegetarian/vegan New Years Eve feast.  Recipes to follow.


Happy 2018!

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