Hi I’m Em – a mother, wife, scientist, feminist and a blogger.
I think this is the order of things I can be defined as. As far as any of us can be defined by roles we fulfil in life. This blog is about the art of simple life. Life in which level of possession is not the most important but experiences and people to share them with are.

Consciousness and quality are the most important values you can find on this blog. That includes ethical shopping and eating, as well as slow fashion. I’ll aim to show you how to use the tool of minimalism and build with it happy, fulfilled life.

I’ll share with you my experiences on my way to minimalism and higher level of awareness in life. I am a great believer in constant personal development, which lead me into studying forensic science for last four years and already planning another degree in the next year.

I read a lot and like to talk about it, Im also very opinionated and not afraid to share my opinions.

I would really appreciate if you would let me know which subjects are closest to your heart and I should concentrate more on.
You can contact me on em.hunt@ymail.com I promise not to replay to all.