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Going vegan

  • Posted by - Em

Who would have thought that November will be here so quickly? Days are passing at some speed in the rhythm of work – home-sleep on ….

bake fit bean brownies

  • Posted by - Em

Bean brownies are another version of classic brownies. However, those deserve a title of light and healthy. Still lovely flavour and still very decadent. Just ….


  • Posted by - Em

In the wake of Harvey Weinstein allegations #MeToo is doing some rounds. It shows the magnitude of the problem with sexual harassment. And the magnitude ….

make the perfect kale pesto

  • Posted by - Em

I had this idea of kale pesto for a while but didn’t get round to make it. Until now that is. I  was completely blown ….

beetroot brownies

  • Posted by - Em

Brownies are an ultimate pick me up. Rich and decadent. Beetroot brownies are however a healthier option. By adding beetroot you will introduce an earthy ….

Minimalism lifestyle

  • Posted by - Em

There are some misconceptions about minimalism lifestyle. Some see it as a complete ascetic, deprived life without pleasures. Living on the cheap, denying yourself everything. They ….