Again in my favourite part of Wales. Pembrokeshire.

This time it was a working trip, joined an archaeological excavation at St Patrick’s Chapel. Mainly, because they found an early medieval cemetery in quite good condition, but as well because it was there. Whole excavation experience was an eye opener, difference between our approaches are staggering. Dig aside, being in this beautiful spot wasRead more

Lemon orzo pasta with chicken. Perfect sunny day meal.

Wanted to write today about beautiful place, but cooking got in the way, so I am going to share with you accidental discovery of perfect sunny day family meal. Starting with the chicken – if you are a small family (like mine), when you make a roast, there is always at least half of itRead more

What clothes will you pack for holidays in Pembrokeshire?

Depending on how do you want to spend your time, if like us, you are pretty active – you will need a functional wardrobe. But you don’t want to pack too many clothes. For me most important are walking boots, comfy trousers, hat and a sun cream!  However after a day of rambling countryside and coastlineRead more

I am not an undergraduate anymore so what do I do? Shopping!!

Yesterday had my last exam, and now it’s complete anticlimax. Should do lots of things, left for after the uni work- but all I could do today was to go shopping and do some cooking. Mind you -shop, my love for loyalty cards paid off today. Went to Superdrug (they have great brow bar andRead more

What keeps me going right now is a thought of a holiday.

Holiday and coffee, lots of coffee. And knowledge, that in a week I’ll be on pembrokeshire beach. Digging out the bones (one of the reasons to look forward to it!).  I have massive plans for this page, and few other projects- so hopefully I can get it going properly this summer.  Just one more examRead more


Do you have it as well, this feeling when things don’t go your way that you are wasting your time, when in fact you should be doing something else entirely? Well, I have this now regarding my uni work. I still haven’t finished my project, need to finish presentation for next Tuesday and revise toRead more