Late birthday/Easter cake.

Because we spent the day watching films and the going for chinese I didn’t have birthday cake on birthday. Day after I had friends coming round so I needed one. This takes only 2 hours to make- came bit wonky but still tasty. Here we go: 6 eggs- whites and yolks separated 180g caster sugarRead more

Kouign Amann

Wonderful mouthful of happiness! Takes time, but really worth it. I made it from Pauls Hollywood recipe- pinched from BBC foods. You don’t need many ingredients, just time and patience. 300g/10┬Żoz strong plain flour, plus extra for dusting 5g fast-action yeast 1 tsp salt 200ml/7fl oz warm water 25g/1oz unsalted butter, melted 250g/9oz cold unsaltedRead more

Easter Vegan Cake

I pinched this vegan recipe from Jadlonomia, however I would not be myself if I would not change it – just a bit. After all, a recipe is just a suggestion! So here we go, I doubled all quantities as I don’t have a kugelhopf baking tray. 3 cups of flour 14g of yeast 100gRead more

Random conversations in the bus or the sky is a limit.

It is fair to say that I don’t like people very much, don’t like being forced in small spaces with them. That is why my daily commute is a source of suffering for me. Sometimes however it can be a source of inspiration. Those random conversations can be enlightening. I guess we all experienced atRead more

Polish stuffed cabbage rolls.

Another one of those where as many homes┬áthat many recipes. You can find an endless list of varieties. I worked on this one for a while. Now it’s almost perfect. So I’ll work on it again and change seasonings or something else, otherwise it would be boring. My family loves the stuffed cabbage – makesRead more