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Homemade remedy cream.

This homemade remedy cream is good for everything. From scars to tough heels. Give it a go and be amazed.


After many years of searching for perfect hand and feet cream for very dry skin, I came across nice neat recipe. It had lots of goodness in essential oils and only natural ingredients so I gave it a go.
It has healing properties, ideal for scrapes and bruises and even small burns, and softens heels like no other, better even than urea creams.
And of course I wouldn’t be me if I would not modify it. I know that it might look daunting to start of with, but it is dead easy and quick to make. Initial investment in raw ingredients will pay off quickly, as you always buy more than you need for one go, so end up making several lots. They make great presents for friend as well. ¬†As for equipment all you need is double boiler (I put pyrex jug in a pan of boiling water- does the job),scales and pots for ready mix (I recycle cream pots or sometimes mini jam jars, just make sure they are clean and rinsed in boiling water to kill any bacteria that may be lurking there).

So how to make it:
measure in a jug (or pan, or whatever you use)
120g olive oil or almond oil
60g beeswax
60g shea butter
20g calendula oil
20g comfrey oil
20g St John’s Wort oil
5g Vit E oil

put them on boil until wax and butter dissolve, take of the heat and add essential oils, original recipe talk about 20 drops of lavender and 10 drops of tea tree, I add 30 lavender, 20 tea tree, 10 eucalyptus and 10 bergamot (for nicer smell) and mix well. Decant to the jars and let it set. Thats all.

With the essential oils you are safe with lavender and tea tree, others ask specialist if you can use them, for example if pregnant rosemary can cause miscarriage, so better safe than sorry.