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Japanese manicure.

Japanese manicure.

My sister gave me the set of japanese manicure for my birthday ( I know 3 months ago, and I meant to write this up earlier). Because I have had a nasty habit of biting my nails as a child, my nails were always quite weak and brittle. Putting extensions on is not an answer, because every time I took them off, my nails were more and more damaged. Even using gel nails, which suppose to be good for you the effect was not great.

But this stuff is a whole new world for me. Used it so far twice and my nails stopped breaking! It is very easy to do and only minus of it is, your nails will get so smooth and shiny, that no nail varnish will hold on to them.

Here is a youtube tutorial. However the instruction that came with the set says you should only buffer the nail in one direction only. But I was not too religious about it and did’t see any adverse effects :-).


And the nail oil that came with it smells of bubblegum! That is just too cute :D, anyway have a go. Try it, especially if you have weak nails. Whatever is in this paste and powder strengthen my nails in just two uses enough for me to grow them longer. It’s magic.