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Skincare after 30

As much as upsetting it is we age. We age from about 18 when collagen in our skin starts to disappear. That sounds so bleak.
Anyway, I was blessed with good skin as a teenager, because my skin  always been dry = no spots! Apart of one weird episode of some sort of eczema at 13, which turned my face in red and sore mass, and occasional allergy to makeup I experimented with, I had no problems.  Until last year. Suddenly my skin started to hate me, got red, and covered in small pimples, overall uncomfortable, you get the gist – not a very attractive site. My beautician told me it was begining of rosacea. That hit the PANIC! button big time. So having spent extortionate amount of money and lots of time on trying to get this under control, got to the conclusion that UK market doesn’t offer big choice. Found only two brands with products dedicated to the issue. La Roche-Posay with Rosaliac series was a lifesaver. Literally.

Two weeks of following regime of exfoliating, moisturising, appling serum and I started to look like a human again.  This one above is all time star (my only problem with it is packaging, can’t get everything out of the tube, as the cream is quite dense, so end up throwing away about third of the product). But it didn’t last for long, two months latter I was on the search for something else. My skin has a tendency to getting use to products so I have to change them frequently. There is where lack of dedicated products starts to be noticeable.
Which is something hard to understand, according to NHS website, 1 in 10 people between 30 and 50 can be affected by it, That is 10% of entire population. Huge market. Shouldn’t skincare companies make more effort to accommodate them?
Anyway, another company with decent products is Eucerin, unfortunately my skin responds only to one cream out of the series.

Looking for pictures for this post I found another brand with stuff dedicated to redness prone skin Avene, have to try that one. Will write how it went latter.
But still just three brands when in comparison there are whole shelves in Boots and others dedicated to teenage acne. And when you think about it, its the people above thirty (most likely to be affected by rosacea) who have bigger spending power than teenagers.
Then there is a word of advice from my beautician, which I took to heart, use only chemical exfoliants, enzymatic scrubs instead of manual. Use creams and serums with vitamins A, E and C. Exfoliate twice a week, put serum on after that. Always use the sun-screen and drink plenty of water. Drinking herbal teas also helps, especially elderflower (you will get use to strange smell), as the stuff in it helps to keep blood vessels in good shape.
My skin, because I was not so good to it as I should need some extra boost when it comes to serums. At the moment my hero is Lancome Genifique, pricey I know, but worth it and it lasts forever.

And at the moment I am trying Visionnaire, just the sample at the moment but so far so good.

Both Lancome products are very efficient, just a pea size drop is enough for whole face. And it makes massive difference to how my skin feels. Genifique in the morning after cleansing and toning, but before moisturiser, Visionaire in the evening.  For cleansing I am using Eucerin gel, when in the shower as I love to wash my face with water.

 And after that Lancome milk and toner.

Love the rose scent, and it leaves my skin smooth and fresh. Ready for whatever else I put on it.
So thats my day-to-day skincare. What is yours? And if you have a problem with redness maybe you are using things I haven’t found yet and would like to try. Let me know.