Spring-summer favourites in beauty.

For the times, when temperature goes up, it’s important to have beauty products, which go with it. My make-up goes down to minimum, but I start to experiment with colours. Here are some accidental buys (retail therapy ūüôā ), which turned into summer staples.

Illamasqua Nail Varnish in Pink Raindrops Рfound it, when browsing TKMaxx and decided to give it a go, love the colour, but to have really nice effect on nails, you will need a good top coat. On its own, it will chip after one day of normal activities (if like me you wash your hands about 3 billion times a day because you cook and do normal life stuff. If all you do is to look nice, you might get away  without top coat :D).


Bellapierre lipstick in VaVaVoom – just the shade I wanted, lovely, cool pinkish red. Can’t wear it enough! Makes lips look juicy and doesn’t dry them, I often have problems with lipsticks – irritate the sensitive skin and make it dry – which just doesn’t look good. This one ticks all the boxes for a good one, even the smell is gorgeous.


Collection makeup primer ¬†Primed and Ready in Cool Rose gives you an instant glow, has a slight pink tinge which makes wonder to your complexion after too many sleepless nights! (binge watching a new series), can be worn under the foundation or like in my case a CC cream (CC is always for summer); or just on it’s own to give you a nice glow. It has a lovely texture and smell, you only need very little to cover all face and it’s dead cheap. All in all a winner.


Makeup Revolution Highlighter in Pink Lights- just does as it says- easily achieved strobing effect, giving a lift to your face. Used in combination with bronzer, can do all contouring you need. 16_06_07_mrsHphoto_2198

As for bronzer I use Rimmel matte version. It’s easy to apply and gives natural look.


And what are yours summer beauty staples?


Japanese manicure.

My sister gave me the set of japanese manicure for my birthday ( I know 3 months ago, and I meant to write this up earlier). Because I have had a nasty habit of biting my nails as a child, my nails were always quite weak and brittle. Putting extensions on is not an answer, because every time I took them off, my nails were more and more damaged. Even using gel nails, which suppose to be good for you the effect was not great.

But this stuff is a whole new world for me. Used it so far twice and my nails stopped breaking! It is very easy to do and only minus of it is, your nails will get so smooth and shiny, that no nail varnish will hold on to them.

Here is a youtube tutorial. However the instruction that came with the set says you should only buffer the nail in one direction only. But I was not too religious about it and did’t see any adverse effects :-).


And the nail oil that came with it smells of bubblegum! That is just too cute :D, anyway have a go. Try it, especially if you have weak nails. Whatever is in this paste and powder strengthen my nails in just two uses enough for me to grow them longer. It’s magic.

Homemade remedy cream.

This homemade remedy cream is good for everything. From scars to tough heels. Give it a go and be amazed.


After many years of searching for perfect hand and feet cream for very dry skin, I came across nice neat recipe. It had lots of goodness in essential oils and only natural ingredients so I gave it a go.
It has healing properties, ideal for scrapes and bruises and even small burns, and softens heels like no other, better even than urea creams.
And of course I wouldn’t be me if I would not modify it. I know that it might look daunting to start of with, but it is dead easy and quick to make. Initial investment in raw ingredients will pay off quickly, as you always buy more than you need for one go, so end up making several lots. They make great presents for friend as well. ¬†As for equipment all you need is double boiler (I put pyrex jug in a pan of boiling water- does the job),scales and pots for ready mix (I recycle cream pots or sometimes mini jam jars, just make sure they are clean and rinsed in boiling water to kill any bacteria that may be lurking there).

So how to make it:
measure in a jug (or pan, or whatever you use)
120g olive oil or almond oil
60g beeswax
60g shea butter
20g calendula oil
20g comfrey oil
20g St John’s Wort oil
5g Vit E oil

put them on boil until wax and butter dissolve, take of the heat and add essential oils, original recipe talk about 20 drops of lavender and 10 drops of tea tree, I add 30 lavender, 20 tea tree, 10 eucalyptus and 10 bergamot (for nicer smell) and mix well. Decant to the jars and let it set. Thats all.

With the essential oils you are safe with lavender and tea tree, others ask specialist if you can use them, for example if pregnant rosemary can cause miscarriage, so better safe than sorry.





When I got home today there were couple of parcels waiting. I love it. Even if it’s something I ordered I still love to unwrap things.

So Birchbox, Glossybox and Amazon.

I’ll write about it during weekend. Now I have to work. Assesment week comming very quickly.

Few new things in my makeup bag March 2015

I had to do the cleanup of my cosmetic bag, some stuff was there for ages and because I never used it, it was time to say goodbye. But all occasions like that involve saying hello to new stuff.
So here it goes.

So Chisel Cheeks from Barry M- just trying it really, but already got in terms with reality, I will never master it like Kardashians (lol).
Redemption Palette Iconic 2 from Revolution (so far my favourite).
NYC lip crayon in South Ferry Berry (dries my lips, so won’t stick with it).
Lash Princess form Essence (unfortunately smudges).
Carmex Moisture Plus lip balm with pink tint (so far so good).
On the photo is as well my long lost friend from Body Shop- the eyebrow palette, don’t know if they are still selling it (I have it for ages). It’s absolute fav, and so easy to use, just use slanted brush and it makes eyebrows worth having.

My first Glossybox.

Have I mentioned I am having birthday soon? So I treated myself to Glossybox. Planning on Birchbox next :-).
And it arrived this morning.

 It is soo very nice to unpack something so lovely looking.
As to the content, I really like the mascara, and the lip balm. Not so sure about green nail varnish, and still have to try peeling and shampoo/conditioner. Or maybe give it to my slightly older than me friend.

So today is girly day.

Skincare after 30

As much as upsetting it is we age. We age from about 18 when collagen in our skin starts to disappear. That sounds so bleak.
Anyway, I was blessed with good skin as a teenager, because my skin ¬†always been dry = no spots! Apart of one weird episode of some sort of eczema at 13, which turned my face in red and sore mass, and occasional allergy to makeup I experimented with, I had no problems. ¬†Until last year. Suddenly my skin started to hate me, got red, and covered in small pimples, overall uncomfortable, you get the gist – not a very attractive site. My beautician told me it was begining of rosacea. That hit the PANIC! button big time. So having spent extortionate amount of money and lots of time on trying to get this under control, got to the conclusion that UK market doesn’t offer big choice. Found only two brands with products dedicated to the issue. La Roche-Posay with Rosaliac series was a lifesaver. Literally.

Two weeks of following regime of exfoliating, moisturising, appling serum and I started to look like a human again. ¬†This one above is all time star (my only problem with it is packaging, can’t get everything out of the tube, as the cream is quite dense, so end up throwing away about third of the product). But it didn’t last for long, two months latter I was on the search for something else. My skin has a tendency to getting use to products so I have to change them frequently. There is where lack of dedicated products starts to be noticeable.
Which is something hard to understand, according to NHS website, 1 in 10 people between 30 and 50 can be affected by it, That is 10% of entire population. Huge market. Shouldn’t skincare companies make more effort to accommodate them?
Anyway, another company with decent products is Eucerin, unfortunately my skin responds only to one cream out of the series.

Looking for pictures for this post I found another brand with stuff dedicated to redness prone skin Avene, have to try that one. Will write how it went latter.
But still just three brands when in comparison there are whole shelves in Boots and others dedicated to teenage acne. And when you think about it, its the people above thirty (most likely to be affected by rosacea) who have bigger spending power than teenagers.
Then there is a word of advice from my beautician, which I took to heart, use only chemical exfoliants, enzymatic scrubs instead of manual. Use creams and serums with vitamins A, E and C. Exfoliate twice a week, put serum on after that. Always use the sun-screen and drink plenty of water. Drinking herbal teas also helps, especially elderflower (you will get use to strange smell), as the stuff in it helps to keep blood vessels in good shape.
My skin, because I was not so good to it as I should need some extra boost when it comes to serums. At the moment my hero is Lancome Genifique, pricey I know, but worth it and it lasts forever.

And at the moment I am trying Visionnaire, just the sample at the moment but so far so good.

Both Lancome products are very efficient, just a pea size drop is enough for whole face. And it makes massive difference to how my skin feels. Genifique in the morning after cleansing and toning, but before moisturiser, Visionaire in the evening.  For cleansing I am using Eucerin gel, when in the shower as I love to wash my face with water.

 And after that Lancome milk and toner.

Love the rose scent, and it leaves my skin smooth and fresh. Ready for whatever else I put on it.
So thats my day-to-day skincare. What is yours? And if you have a problem with redness maybe you are using things I haven’t found yet and would like to try. Let me know.