Capsule wardrobe – can I actually have it?

Can I actually have a capsule wardrobe?

I love Pinterest, I love composites of capsule wardrobes. Having a capsule wardrobe was my dream for years. Years of opening the door to it and saying “I have nothing to wear”. Hands up who is on that with me. It took literary decades of bad purchases and a lot of self-conciseness to get to the point where I am now. I can wear most of my stuff with each other and they won’t clash. With exception of some dresses, but they are not meant to be worn with anything else.

I still have too much for a proper capsule wardrobe, but I live in a climate where anything is possible. Actually, only bad weather is probable, but we have nice days too. Then I tend to do office work, so I need work clothes of some description. We like to walk and camp with my family, so we need a set of outdoorsy clothes. I have a set of clothes for a gym (for those occasions they might be necessary, like yoga classes) and two dresses for special occasions. And then it’s not only me. I do share a wardrobe with my husband and control clothes of my daughter.  It all adds up. When we go away, I pack us all making sure everyone has what they need.

So my capsule wardrobe is not the same what other persons would be. We have to remember that no one else will have a perfect recipe for our lives. That applies the things we do, things we wear and things we eat. No one can put a harsh limit on somebody else’ possessions and tell them they can only have two pairs of trousers, one skirt, six tops and three jackets. That is unrealistic. If you can function with only that, then great. I know I can’t and I don’t want to. My understanding of capsule wardrobe is that all elements can work together in harmony. That all fits me and I feel good wearing it. And what I have, fits my lifestyle and that is important.

Good luck streamlining your wardrobe.


What it means to be stylish

I’ve got to be lucky, after just finishing my degree I found a job – it is temporary, but that’s what I wanted. Given our long term future plans, temporary jobs are the best. So I have a new job and as all new jobs, this one requires sorting out logins and such. IT is in no rush, so I am spending the second day looking through the window watching people passing by. Another part of being lucky is the fact, that this job is in Shrewsbury. And Shrewsbury is a stylish town with lots of stylish people. 

Now, what does it mean stylish?

I believe everyone will have their own definition. The style is like the taste, what I see as stylish for someone else can seem awful and vice versa. However, in my eyes, Shrewsbury is great. People dress with flair and confidence, mind you nice, warm weather helps to notice this thing.

Anyway I have some really nice views today, see from where I’m sitting I can see lovely  Georgian period town houses, and seeing girl cycling past with a small dog in bikes front basket, wearing chinos and stripy tee makes it feel almost like somewhere on the continent.


See fashionable does not equal stylish

at least not in my books. When I’m looking at what is available on the high street at that moment I feel that someone tries to con me. In my eyes, The Icon will forever be Audrey.

Future and planning for it.

It suppose to be so bright!

Do you think about the future? Do you plan it? I tried, but it only made  the Gods laugh. So far most of my plans went south so much so, that I am scared to make a christmas wish list.

But is is as usual

I suffer with a procrastination bug this autumn, and it’s not going to get any better. See my plan was to get to work and finish my Msci as soon as and move on. That was the plan, but now I am over a month behind (not due to me!), had to change a supervisor for my thesis and lost my enthusiasm, I am actually regretting staying for this additional year.   All I want to do now is to sit in bed with my cats and watch crap movies.

In the mean time

had strange people coming to the house and re fitting my kitchen, that is a positive! So now I could make some gorgeous food and put in here, and I will, just need to find energy to take pictures. At the moment I have only enough energy to make this Christmas wish list.


Everything of this you can find on Etsy, easier if you follow from my Pinterest, as you can see this year I am hoping for jewelry and accessories, everything else I would rather get myself  🙂 .

Still future looks bright,

just hoping this end of the world due next year stuff is a myth again 🙂 however with brexit and Trump – who knows. End might not be a bad idea.

What clothes will you pack for holidays in Pembrokeshire?

Depending on how do you want to spend your time, if like us, you are pretty active – you will need a functional wardrobe. But you don’t want to pack too many clothes.

For me most important are walking boots, comfy trousers, hat and a sun cream!  However after a day of rambling countryside and coastline paths it is nice to put on something clean and fresh when you go for Gianni’s ice-cream. And because it is Britain after all, you need to be prepared for all weathers – wellies are a must. Here is my capsule wardrobe for other things than hiking.

Untitled-1 Untitled-2

Is your wardrobe so full, you have to push it closed with your knee and still have nothing to wear?

Mine was like that. Until I got fed-up  and made a cull. 40kg of clothes went away, some of them worn only once if at all.  It pained me to do that, but sometimes the straight cut is the best approach. I left only things I was wearing frequently, which were in good enough condition to keep and which make me feel better when I had them on.

That is the thing- you need to go through your wardrobe and ask yourself few questions. Do I feel good in that?, Did I wear it in last year?, Would I buy it now? If you can’s say yes to all of them then it’s time to get rid. All of us have stowed away clothes for special occasions, all of us have some things which are too small for us with a hope we will lose weight. Guess what? The chances you will lose enough overnight to fit in them is slim, even slimmer is the chance that once you get rid of them you lose the weight so rapidly you will have nothing to wear to go shopping. Go on, give it away. You can give it to charity, sell on eBay or in one of those places that buy them by kg. Same applies to accessories.

Maybe even before you will embark on the ploughing through your stuff you should ask yourself- what is my style. And the style is everything.  When you think about let’s say Audrey Hepburn – you have an image of a very clear style. That is why she is an icon. When you think of Beyoncé you can’t have that, simply because she tried all the possible styles and can’t find one she could call her own.

You know all those guide books that tell you should have a 10 piece capsule wardrobe etc. It is great if all you do is to live in Paris and  have coffee breaks in chic places, but what if you live in suburbs, work in the office and enjoy rambling the countryside on the weekends. The answer is have clothes that will work in both places. Or change the job to something closer to your heart :D.

So going back to my wardrobe, is still pretty full (I blame it on sharing with husband- need for a walk-in closet!), but now all my things go with each other. All the tops can be matched to the bottoms and dresses go with jackets. When I go shopping (usually online ), and can’t picture something with majority of my stuff – I don’t buy  it. I haven’t yet got to the point of simply exchanging old bits for new, but I think it will come sometime this year.

Main feature of my clothes is comfort. If it doesn’t fit- it goes. Stopped holding on to the clothes for slimmer me- if I was to lose the weight overnight I have enough dresses to keep me going. There is no risk of going naked to the shops ;-). And pretty much all I own is blue, grey, white or navy. Except scarves and jackets. I have to have a red jacket :D.

Beginning of the year if as good time as any to tidy up your image and clothes. And they are sales- if you use them wisely for things you need. Btw, have you noticed that the “basic” lines are almost never reduced? But sometimes you can get lucky and find something really nice. Or go to the brands which make all lines looking pretty basic. Because style is less. Less patterns, less frills, less decorations. Try it- it works. Even if you have few pounds too many, simple outfit can help you hide it. And stay away from leggings in public. Skinny jeans –  yes, leggings – no, and never ever the nude ones.


Who is Kerrie Hess and why I like her.

Kerrie Hess is an aussie artist who makes most amazing fashion graphics. I do hope to buy some of her stuff in few years time. You can look at her works here.

In a meantime I have to make do with her calendars.

She made a form of subscription, every month on the 1st I get an email and can download page for a month. They are great. All fashion inspired.

Here you can see September one.

_MG_0033 _MG_0039

Autumn/winter fashion 2015

Did you see any of the fashion shows for AW15? I didn’t. It is shame that I don’t have time for it anymore. I use to follow the trends and knew what was on. Now I am more inclined to go for classics with maybe few twists, but the times of changing the wardrobe  twice a year are over. However if you follow what’s on as I did for nearly 20 years you come to realise  that a lot of it comes back, every 4-6 seasons you get more or less the same. Sometimes in a great mixture, sometimes just poor recreations. The trick is to choose things that will suit you.

I just got Harrods Fashion Special with what is their twist on Haute Couture, at least I got a chance to see what is the inspiration behind the high street collections. However I didn’t find a single thing that would make me say wow. But the general message is: You can wear what you want, it will go! Even natural furs, which I have to admit I am not against in principle. I don’t like the idea of caging the animal for fur, but we hunt animals – foxes for example. They are shot all over UK, so why not to use the fur? Is it better that they are killed for killing sake? We eat beef, so we use calfskin for coats, bags, belts and shoes. And there is nothing wrong with that. Using every bit of animal we kill is a sign of respect to life. (ok end of digression)

So AW15 trends-  lots of different styles, structured silhouette


Western inspirations (which just mean lots of suede and fringes, and a bit of country and western flowery dresses)


Lots of sheep skin


A bit of punk or what is passing as punk in fashion editorials this days (oh my youth!)


And even twist on 60ies


See told you- Structured Silhouettes were the thing in ’80, same as Punk was, Western was big in early ’90 and the sheepskin with flowery dresses were big in Hippy ’70. ’60 I don’t have to explain. It you have mother or grandma with big wardrobe you can be very lucky. Just dig in there and you can be best dressed person in your peer group.

Few years ago I made the decision to have perfect capsule wardrobe. I am still working on it. But I do have  lots of basics, which I can mix with each other and when I buy something new it have to go with stuff I already have. Most of my clothes are in various shades of blue, navy and grey. I love grey, it’s soft, warm and cosy. And goes well with whatever else you will put with it, like big, tribal statement necklace for example.

Anyway, things I might get this autumn are:

Nice jacket, haven’t decided yet will I go for another trench or something else. But I think trench might win like one of this:


And some new cashmere jumpers. Never enough of them, but maybe this time I’ll go for nice orange one.


As usual they are all in my Pinterest.

Search for perfect handbag.

If you are a female- you will understand how difficult it is to find the one. Every season we are overloaded with new designs, new colours, new everything. However repetitive this new is. And there is this thing about quality of it. When you want to follow fashion of the high street, it doesn’t matter if the handbag will disintegrate after one season, or will have so many scuffs that you would be ashamed to  have it near you in public.

So before you even embark on the trip to shops, you need to answer yourself few questions. First – what for this handbag is going to be? If you are busy mum with 100 million of life roles and responsibilities – chances are you will need bag big enough to carry all your life in it. Second is your budget. If you can afford Birkin- good for you. I would love one, but it will have to wait. New fridge takes precedence :D. If not there are so many options. From designers to little boutiques take your pick.

Quality have to carry cost. However it doesn’t have to cost arm and leg. And who is to say how much good bag should cost. Only you know how much you can spend.

I for one am on hunt for something nice, quite plain that will go with most of things I wear. But I want real leather and good finish. I want something what will rather say class than price tag. After all the most expensive Louis Vuitton bags are the ones without logo plastered all over.

It is true that if you have good shoes and good handbag everything is uplifted. So my picks for next shopping round are from designers:

bags for blog- designer

and from independent boutiques – hand crafted, unique and much cheaper than the ones above:

bags da wanda

Now I will have to choose- it won’t be easy. However, if I choose form the second lot I might (just might) take two!

If you like any of them and want to know where to get them they all are on my  Pinterest. Just follow the link. And let me know what is your dream one.

Day out and outfit of the day

There is clear difference between photos, top one is done by professional, bottom one by my daughter, using phone. Anyway outfit for today was dress M&S, shoes Sainsbury, cardigan GAP, scarf Primark (kids collection) and handbag from Traidcraft. Young madam wears dress from Monsoon and flowery headband from Primark. Patch has his old harness I don’t remember from where.
Photos were taken in Buildwas Abbey- English Heritage place, good ones by my husband.