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make the perfect kale pesto

  • Posted by - Em

I had this idea of kale pesto for a while but didn’t get round to make it. Until now that is. I  was completely blown ….

beetroot brownies

  • Posted by - Em

Brownies are an ultimate pick me up. Rich and decadent. Beetroot brownies are however a healthier option. By adding beetroot you will introduce an earthy ….

Late birthday/Easter cake.

Because we spent the day watching films and the going for chinese I didn’t have birthday cake on birthday. Day after I had friends coming ….

Kouign Amann

Wonderful mouthful of happiness! Takes time, but really worth it. I made it from Pauls Hollywood recipe- pinched from BBC foods. You don’t need many ….

Easter Vegan Cake

I pinched this vegan recipe from Jadlonomia, however I would not be myself if I would not change it – just a bit. After all, ….

Ginger Carrot Cake

Fantastic bake for an Autumn. And being carrot cake you can cheat yourself it’s healthy. I mean it is healthy just maybe not the whole ….

Best cheesecake ever.

My family loves cheesecake. Admittedly I don’t make it too often, because I always make it huge and it will disappear within 2 days max. ….