Discovering Shropshire – NT Dudmaston – summer edition

Nice weather, not much time to plan and daughter’s friend staying for weekend made us choose Dudmaston. Mainly, because it’s local, but as well to see gardens in the sunshine. Tried to catch some dragonflies – but they move far too fast.  

Shropshire hills – other side of Long Mynd

You know we like walking and every time we have a chance we go for hills or other interesting landscapes. Last weekend we went to other side of Long Mynd, in case you don’t know it yet- Long Mynd is an upland area with many nice hills and valleys. The main part of it isRead more

Busy weekend. Sunday @NT Croft Castle.

I dragged my husband to Cheshire Oaks on Saturday, so quid pro quo, we went  outdoorsy on Sunday. Because our English Heritage membership expired we decided to opt for National Trust this time. Don’t get me wrong English Heritage is great, but we thought we will use National Trust more over the winter months. Main differenceRead more

Getting ready to go back to uni. Stationery choice.

Maybe it is a bit odd at my age to get excited about stationery, but why not. I know where is the root of it, in my childhood. Still remember that when I started school, there was no nice stationery available- downsides of centrally managed economy (read: communism), then when I was a bit olderRead more

Pembrokeshire part 4 – sunsets and other stories.

I am a sucker for #cloudporn, and if it involves seaside even better that’s why I love Pembrokeshire. I was saving this one for moment when life will get so normal that I’ll miss being on holiday. So here we go. This time picture tells a 1000 words.  Whitesands beach and the Arthur Stone. Sunset andRead more