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Autumn/winter fashion 2015

Autumn/winter fashion 2015

Did you see any of the fashion shows for AW15? I didn’t. It is shame that I don’t have time for it anymore. I use to follow the trends and knew what was on. Now I am more inclined to go for classics with maybe few twists, but the times of changing the wardrobe  twice a year are over. However if you follow what’s on as I did for nearly 20 years you come to realise  that a lot of it comes back, every 4-6 seasons you get more or less the same. Sometimes in a great mixture, sometimes just poor recreations. The trick is to choose things that will suit you.

I just got Harrods Fashion Special with what is their twist on Haute Couture, at least I got a chance to see what is the inspiration behind the high street collections. However I didn’t find a single thing that would make me say wow. But the general message is: You can wear what you want, it will go! Even natural furs, which I have to admit I am not against in principle. I don’t like the idea of caging the animal for fur, but we hunt animals – foxes for example. They are shot all over UK, so why not to use the fur? Is it better that they are killed for killing sake? We eat beef, so we use calfskin for coats, bags, belts and shoes. And there is nothing wrong with that. Using every bit of animal we kill is a sign of respect to life. (ok end of digression)

So AW15 trends-  lots of different styles, structured silhouette


Western inspirations (which just mean lots of suede and fringes, and a bit of country and western flowery dresses)


Lots of sheep skin


A bit of punk or what is passing as punk in fashion editorials this days (oh my youth!)


And even twist on 60ies


See told you- Structured Silhouettes were the thing in ’80, same as Punk was, Western was big in early ’90 and the sheepskin with flowery dresses were big in Hippy ’70. ’60 I don’t have to explain. It you have mother or grandma with big wardrobe you can be very lucky. Just dig in there and you can be best dressed person in your peer group.

Few years ago I made the decision to have perfect capsule wardrobe. I am still working on it. But I do have  lots of basics, which I can mix with each other and when I buy something new it have to go with stuff I already have. Most of my clothes are in various shades of blue, navy and grey. I love grey, it’s soft, warm and cosy. And goes well with whatever else you will put with it, like big, tribal statement necklace for example.

Anyway, things I might get this autumn are:

Nice jacket, haven’t decided yet will I go for another trench or something else. But I think trench might win like one of this:


And some new cashmere jumpers. Never enough of them, but maybe this time I’ll go for nice orange one.


As usual they are all in my Pinterest.