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Capsule wardrobe – can I actually have it?

Capsule wardrobe – can I actually have it?

Can I actually have a capsule wardrobe?

I love Pinterest, I love composites of capsule wardrobes. Having a capsule wardrobe was my dream for years. Years of opening the door to it and saying “I have nothing to wear”. Hands up who is on that with me. It took literary decades of bad purchases and a lot of self-conciseness to get to the point where I am now. I can wear most of my stuff with each other and they won’t clash. With exception of some dresses, but they are not meant to be worn with anything else.

I still have too much for a proper capsule wardrobe, but I live in a climate where anything is possible. Actually, only bad weather is probable, but we have nice days too. Then I tend to do office work, so I need work clothes of some description. We like to walk and camp with my family, so we need a set of outdoorsy clothes. I have a set of clothes for a gym (for those occasions they might be necessary, like yoga classes) and two dresses for special occasions. And then it’s not only me. I do share a wardrobe with my husband and control clothes of my daughter.  It all adds up. When we go away, I pack us all making sure everyone has what they need.

So my capsule wardrobe is not the same what other persons would be. We have to remember that no one else will have a perfect recipe for our lives. That applies the things we do, things we wear and things we eat. No one can put a harsh limit on somebody else’ possessions and tell them they can only have two pairs of trousers, one skirt, six tops and three jackets. That is unrealistic. If you can function with only that, then great. I know I can’t and I don’t want to. My understanding of capsule wardrobe is that all elements can work together in harmony. That all fits me and I feel good wearing it. And what I have, fits my lifestyle and that is important.

Good luck streamlining your wardrobe.