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Do you like artistic jewellery?

I love it, I love to have pieces no one else will. But I love quality and low price as well and it’s not easy to find something truly unique for the right price.We have now more options then ever: Etsy, Ebay, small boutiques, being bilingual I am using Allegro and other Polish websites, but still if you want something nice for reasonable price it requires some effort. Recently I was lucky to find amazing pieces. They are some of the artists only shopping websites, ArsNeo for example, but have a feeling it would be cheaper to contact the Artists themselves.

Here are some pictures of beautiful stuff I found recently:

All of them are made by an artist , and I believe some of them will find their home with me soon 🙂
Here are some of the pieces I already bought from Allegro (which is Polish version of Ebay)

 I love Amber, That every piece of it is different and unique. And apparently it has healing properties as well. Win win.
But if you like unique pieces and are on tight budget the find your local Art school, college or university, they often are doing sales  of students works for various charities, where you can buy one-off items for literally pennies. Like this one, got on sale at Uni, when Art Faculty was doing fundraising.