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Is your wardrobe so full, you have to push it closed with your knee and still have nothing to wear?

Is your wardrobe so full, you have to push it closed with your knee and still have nothing to wear?

Mine was like that. Until I got fed-up  and made a cull. 40kg of clothes went away, some of them worn only once if at all.  It pained me to do that, but sometimes the straight cut is the best approach. I left only things I was wearing frequently, which were in good enough condition to keep and which make me feel better when I had them on.

That is the thing- you need to go through your wardrobe and ask yourself few questions. Do I feel good in that?, Did I wear it in last year?, Would I buy it now? If you can’s say yes to all of them then it’s time to get rid. All of us have stowed away clothes for special occasions, all of us have some things which are too small for us with a hope we will lose weight. Guess what? The chances you will lose enough overnight to fit in them is slim, even slimmer is the chance that once you get rid of them you lose the weight so rapidly you will have nothing to wear to go shopping. Go on, give it away. You can give it to charity, sell on eBay or in one of those places that buy them by kg. Same applies to accessories.

Maybe even before you will embark on the ploughing through your stuff you should ask yourself- what is my style. And the style is everything.  When you think about let’s say Audrey Hepburn – you have an image of a very clear style. That is why she is an icon. When you think of Beyoncé you can’t have that, simply because she tried all the possible styles and can’t find one she could call her own.

You know all those guide books that tell you should have a 10 piece capsule wardrobe etc. It is great if all you do is to live in Paris and  have coffee breaks in chic places, but what if you live in suburbs, work in the office and enjoy rambling the countryside on the weekends. The answer is have clothes that will work in both places. Or change the job to something closer to your heart :D.

So going back to my wardrobe, is still pretty full (I blame it on sharing with husband- need for a walk-in closet!), but now all my things go with each other. All the tops can be matched to the bottoms and dresses go with jackets. When I go shopping (usually online ), and can’t picture something with majority of my stuff – I don’t buy  it. I haven’t yet got to the point of simply exchanging old bits for new, but I think it will come sometime this year.

Main feature of my clothes is comfort. If it doesn’t fit- it goes. Stopped holding on to the clothes for slimmer me- if I was to lose the weight overnight I have enough dresses to keep me going. There is no risk of going naked to the shops ;-). And pretty much all I own is blue, grey, white or navy. Except scarves and jackets. I have to have a red jacket :D.

Beginning of the year if as good time as any to tidy up your image and clothes. And they are sales- if you use them wisely for things you need. Btw, have you noticed that the “basic” lines are almost never reduced? But sometimes you can get lucky and find something really nice. Or go to the brands which make all lines looking pretty basic. Because style is less. Less patterns, less frills, less decorations. Try it- it works. Even if you have few pounds too many, simple outfit can help you hide it. And stay away from leggings in public. Skinny jeans –  yes, leggings – no, and never ever the nude ones.