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Search for perfect handbag.

Search for perfect handbag.

If you are a female- you will understand how difficult it is to find the one. Every season we are overloaded with new designs, new colours, new everything. However repetitive this new is. And there is this thing about quality of it. When you want to follow fashion of the high street, it doesn’t matter if the handbag will disintegrate after one season, or will have so many scuffs that you would be ashamed to ¬†have it near you in public.

So before you even embark on the trip to shops, you need to answer yourself few questions. First – what for this handbag is going to be? If you are busy mum with 100 million of life roles and responsibilities – chances are you will need bag big enough to carry all your life in it. Second is your budget. If you can afford Birkin- good for you. I would love one, but it will have to wait. New fridge takes precedence :D. If not there are so many options. From designers to little boutiques take your pick.

Quality have to carry cost. However it doesn’t have to cost arm and leg. And who is to say how much good bag should cost. Only you know how much you can spend.

I for one am on hunt for something nice, quite plain that will go with most of things I wear. But I want real leather and good finish. I want something what will rather say class than price tag. After all the most expensive Louis Vuitton bags are the ones without logo plastered all over.

It is true that if you have good shoes and good handbag everything is uplifted. So my picks for next shopping round are from designers:

bags for blog- designer

and from independent boutiques – hand crafted, unique and much cheaper than the ones above:

bags da wanda

Now I will have to choose- it won’t be easy. However, if I choose form the second lot I might (just might) take two!

If you like any of them and want to know where to get them they all are on my  Pinterest. Just follow the link. And let me know what is your dream one.