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What is you wardrobe wish list for spring/summer?

Having spent last hour or so looking at trends for SS15  I am starting to get depressed. OK maybe depressed is an exaggeration, but still, looking at lovely pictures from fashion shows makes me a bit uncomfortable. We (modern women) were brought up with a view that everyone above size 14 is grossly obese. Size 14 is suspect anyway. Unfortunately coming from the family with genetically wide hips size 14 was the smallest I could fit in from puberty onwards. Even when my weight was 8 stone my hips were 44 inches(waist was 27 inch, nightmare when  try to find trousers that fit properly). Well in a past. Now, after a pregnancy and several dull and boring dead end jobs where I snacked to keep awake I am size 16, and no amount of dieting can shift it. (It is true that metabolism slows down as we age) Then I look at what is going to be in fashion couple months ahead and I cringe. Because big floral patterns don’t look good on me, because block colours make me look size 20 and only monochrome can be comfortable but a bit boring. Then there is question about what type of clothing will I choose. Thank goodness I can choose from quite a few options, as ultra mini is definitely out of picture. Then there is a daily struggle between looking fairly good and being comfortable. If being comfortable would won, then it would be leggings and oversized T all the time. If looking good attempt wins there are tailored trousers and nice dresses, but summer is still daunting prospect. Bare legs. Linen trousers that show cellulite. Flimsy dresses which can be see through. It is scary. And there is this whole new issue of entering mutton dressed as lamb area. Whole fashion is directed at very young audience, so when you are over 30 there is very little choice. Either stick to business woman, or artist, or just give up on style. Awful time when one gets too old for New Look but still too young for twin cardigan with pearls.
So because my wardrobe is pretty much full, my wish list for spring/summer is short.

Some nice khaki dress like this one from Jason Wu

On the same note suede trench form Loewe is a dream.

This Sonia Rykiel (or something similar form high street as you can never have enough of striped tops)

 And silk, lots of silk Haider Ackerman

 All of the above can be bought from, but high street have very similar pieces.