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Devil’s food cake as a birthday cake.

Devil’s food cake as a birthday cake.

It was my daughter’s choice of cake, so it needed slight adaptation to full birthday cake. Mainly the layer of raspberries ended up in between the layers of cake, so decoration could be more suitable. I have to warn you, it is real Devil’s food, devilishly chocolatey and just incredibly tasty.

You will need 2 identical baking trays (approx 8 inch or 20cm), just like for Victoria sponge cake. Grease them and line the bottoms with baking paper. Then preheat the oven. Take all the ingredients out, because they need to be in room temperature. You will need:

200 g plain flour

1 tsp of baking soda

1/4 tsp of salt

125 ml of buttermilk or plain yogurt mixed with 125 ml of water

Vanilla extract or seeds from a half of the pod

50 g of cocoa powder mixed with 125 ml of water

2 large eggs

115 g softened butter

130-150 g of caster sugar

200 g soft brown sugar

Mix together sieved flour, soda and salt and set aside. Mix buttermilk with water and vanilla, mix cocoa with water until it’s a smooth paste. Beat the whole eggs in a bowl.

Put the softened butter in a clean bowl and mix it until fluffy and airy, slowly add sugar- first caster then brown while mixing. Then mix in the eggs, bit by bit. Add cocoa paste, mix some more. On the end add flour mix and buttermilk – mixing only until everything is incorporated.

Divide equally it into 2 tins. Bake for  about 40-45 mins in 180C, it will be wet as it resembles the brownie more than sponge.

For the filling I used 500 ml double cream, 3 tbsp of caster sugar and seeds of half of a vanilla pod. Just whip the cream with vanilla and sugar until it holds it shape. And about 300

When the cake is baked take it out of the tin onto a cooling rack, when it cools down put it on the serving plate, use a half of the cream on the first cake (if you want to copy mine put the raspberries on the cream, pushing them slightly in), put the second cake on the top and cover with remaining cream. If you want to go classic- put the raspberries on the top. Enjoy.

What is your favourite cake? I would like to try new recipes.