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Late birthday/Easter cake.

Late birthday/Easter cake.

Because we spent the day watching films and the going for chinese I didn’t have birthday cake on birthday. Day after I had friends coming round so I needed one.

This takes only 2 hours to make- came bit wonky but still tasty.

Here we go:

6 eggs- whites and yolks separated

180g caster sugar

2 tbs of milk (I used hazelnut)

160g plain sponge flour

3 tbsp potato starch (can be cornflour)

10g baking powder (or soda)

250g poppy seeds

Vanilla extract

In clean bowl whip egg whites with half of the sugar until completely stiff, in other whip yolks with reminder of the sugar until light and fluffy. Add milk,vanilla, sieved flour, starch and powder. Mix 1/3 of the whites to loose the dough. Add poppy seeds, mix some more. Fold in the whites. Pour into prepared sandwich tins (2 or 3, buttered and disc of baking paper on the bottom!), bake for 20-30 min in gas 5 /180C until skewer put in comes clean.

For cream:

500 ml double cream

200g white chocolate

Jam of your choice (I’m pretty sure I used cranberry this time :D) for spreading

Melt the chocolate over the bain marie, whip the cream until ready, pour melted chocolate and mix until just combined.

If you used 2 tins cut the cakes in half, spread jam on the cake layer, cover with cream- repeat. On the top use only cream. Decorate any way  you want to. Enjoy- best with friends!