make the perfect kale pesto

I had this idea of kale pesto for a while but didn’t get round to make it. Until now that is. I  was completely blown away by the flavour of it and ended up eating it with a spoon from the bowl. It is amazing and you really have to try it. Also, it’s full of goodness. Kale is a great source of iron and addition of the yeast flakes gives you a vit B boost. This pesto doesn’t have any garlic, which is a bonus if you take it with you to work. And the cashews with lemon and chilli make it so aromatic it can be eaten with pasta or as a spread on the bread. Simply try it.

for perfect kale pesto You will need:

1 bag of whole leaf kale

1 pack of cashews

Grated rind of 1 lemon

1 tsp of chilli (I used gochugaru, simply because I bought from here link a big bag for kimchi and now add it to anything)

2 tbsp of yeast flakes bought from here link

1 -2 cups of mild oil – I used the rice bran one as it has almost no flavour


Wash the kale and dry it, then cut the stalks out and chop it into smaller bits before putting it into a blender.

Heat up the dry frying pan and roast the cashews – make sure they get golden but not burnt. We don’t want any bitterness here. Wash well a lemon ( I actually put it into a bowl with boiling water for few minutes, then flush it with cold water to keep it solid) and grate the whole rind.

Place the kale, nuts, lemon rind, chilli and yeast flakes in a bowl of the blender and chop until it will be finely shredded. Only then add oil, a bit at the time until pesto will reach the right consistency.


Use it in pasta, on the sandwiches or my new favourite with spaghetti squash. Or just eat on its own. But that is a bit greedy.

kale pesto
kale pesto