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New toy in the kitchen- waffle maker

New toy in the kitchen- waffle maker


I always wanted one, and just this week Aldi got them on offer (and they are only £9.99). A Waffle Maker!

Of course I had to have a go as soon as I brought it home. Used simplest recipe I could find. There will be time for experimenting with more complicated ones over next few weeks. Until family will grow bored of it.

So here we go

2 cups of flour – can be self -rising, if not then you have to add 2 tsp of baking powder,

2 cups of milk,

1/3 of a cup of oil,

2 eggs- separated,

pinch of salt,

vanilla extract

2 tbsp of sugar.

put everything in a bowl (apart of egg whites, they need to go to second bowl as you have to whip them into stiff peaks), once you mixed everything else together add whipped egg whites and fold them in,  carefully not to knock the air out. Its the air from whites which will give your waffles crunch.

Grease the waffle maker plates (I used cooking oil spray), use the ladle to put the dough on the plate and  let it bake. It takes only few minutes per waffle.

Serve with topping of your choice. They are the best when they are hot and fresh. If you going to keep them for bit longer they go limp. But they can be always reheated to get this lovely crunchiness again.

Perfect for summery afternoon with nice cup of coffee, or tea if you are inclined that way.

And what is your favourite topping for waffles?


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