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Quick dinner, spring soup.

After having roast chicken dinner, which for just three of us is way too much of a meat I had to something with the rest of the bird.
So I peeled the remaining meat and reserved it, and put the bones with juices from roasting in a pan of water with some herbs (lovage, celeriac leaves, bay) and boiled it.
That made an excellent stock.
Once stock is ready it needs straining.

Then it’s all about personal preference or what is to hand.

I put 3 potatoes, 2  carrots, and 1 parsnip all peeled and cut into small cubes. Bring it to boil and when veggies are tender add some greens and maybe a can of beans. Season to taste and here it is.

Dinner in 20 min (providing you have ready stock, which needs simmering for at least an hour).

Perfect if you don’t have much time and fancy something wholesome and healthy.

It can be done in vegetarian version, just use veggie stock instead of chicken, but why.