Simple living – food on the budget.

In the idea of simple living – food is very important. Having a shared meal is one of the most bonding things we can do. Always make time for at least one meal a day with your family. Sharing food with people you care about makes you make more effort. Good food not only nourishes our bodies but is good for the soul too. Nothing will tell your family and friends that you care about them like the smell of home cooked meal when they walk into your home. After all, you made the effort for it to happen.

The things we eat are important

because they provide us with nutrient and energy to carry on with our lives. Food is a major part of the financial cost of our households. They are some ways to reduce this cost. The basic principle is that things are cheaper when they are less processed. I know it is tempting to buy ready meals, sandwich fillers and takeaways, it even seems economically ok at times. Especially if you cook for just a few people or even just yourself.

But, when you make your food from scratch, you have better control over things you use. You can use less, but better quality ingredients. You can reduce salt and swap things round to suit you better. See, every recipe is only a suggestion. Finally, you can cook in bulk and freeze one meal portions for your own homemade ready meals. The idea of simple living brings you more freedom and a wider variety of choices.

In return, you need to put in more effort. Only some of this effort will go into actual cooking. A lot of it will be planning your meals. If you can work around what is in season and plan carefully, you will see it will cost you less. Seasonal fruit and veg are cheaper and pulses can give a great boost of protein. Various grains, pasta and noodles can be a great base for many meals. Experiment with seasonings and you can create new flavours every day. Make bigger dinner and have it next day for lunch. Make your own sandwich fillers. Create versatile meals -like this pesto.

Don’t forget to set the scene for your meal. It is important to lay table nicely. Some flowers and candles can make a massive difference and create nice ambience on even the most hectic day.

Enjoy simple living, it’s all about small pleasures and slowing down. Evening at home, with family and/or friends, nice drink and piece of homemade cake are good for your soul.