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Easter Vegan Cake

Easter Vegan  Cake

I pinched this vegan recipe from Jadlonomia, however I would not be myself if I would not change it – just a bit. After all, a recipe is just a suggestion!

So here we go, I doubled all quantities as I don’t have a kugelhopf baking tray.

3 cups of flour

14g of yeast

100g coconut oil

1 cup of sweet potato puree

100- 150ml of hazelnut milk

100g of candied orange peel

1 tsp of cardamon seeds

12 tbs of brown sugar

Mix it all together, adding the oil last. Best to use mixer! with the dough hooks. Put it into the oiled and sprinkled with flour baking tray. Let it rise for an hour- at least. It need to be in warm place, otherwise it won’t move!

I baked it in gas 5 (180C) for about 40 min. Then mix icing sugar with a bit of turmeric, orange peel (grated) and orange juice,  Pour all over the cake, decorate with more candied peel. Enjoy.