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What to do with overflow of fruit? Vodka of course.

What to do with overflow of fruit? Vodka of course.


Vodka of course, or maybe it’s just my Polish side that loves to macerate fruit and other things (herbs) in alcohol. Anyway, Friend of ours gave us very kindly more gooseberries and jostaberries. Neighbour gave us some of his blackcurrants. Suddenly my kitchen was overflowing with fruit. And we can only eat so much jam. So after short trek to supermarket to obtain necessary ingredient (cheapest vodka possible) I made 2 types of flavoured vodka. Blackcurrant (known in Poland as smorodinowka- which means smelly one, don’t ask me why), and gooseberry with vanilla. Remaining fruit was turned into jelly.


For vodkas you need pure, cheap vodka (something like supermarkets own brand), jar or a bottle with wide neck, time and ideally sunny windowsill.

Put the fruit into jar or bottle, cover with vodka and leave for at least 2 weeks (6 is better) on a said windowsill.

At the next stage you will have to drain it (reserve the liquid! that is the whole point of this exercise) cover the leftover fruit with sugar, leave overnight so sugar will get all the juice out of fruit. Drain that, mix with the vodka you got day before. Taste. add more sugar, or water. Or tonic or drink neat -up to you.

Please drink responsibly – whatever that means.


For jelly you need fruit, pan, muslin for draining, jam sugar, jars and time.

Put all the fruit in a pan, add approx 50ml of water per kg of fruit and boil. Boil until all the fruit had fallen apart. Then drain them, you will need muslin bag as it’s easiest to hang over the pan. Let it drip overnight. Let gravity help you. ┬áNext day squeeze the bag to get the last drips out of it. Measure how much liquid you got, bring it to boil. Take of the heat, add 1 kg of jam sugar per every 1000 ml (or a litter, or 2 pints), mix well until the sugar is dissolved then boil for 10-15 min, or whatever it takes you to prepare the jam jars. Pour it into sterilised jars, seal and enjoy in few month time when you have forgotten about all this slaving in a hot kitchen in a freak heat wave it’s England after all, we should have rain).


Oh, the orange one is a cheat, my other half likes the homemade orange marmalade, however I buy hartmans tin of orange mixture and only add some bits, like ginger or whiskey. As well I add about half of recommended sugar. In my opinion it taste better.