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10 best minimalism blogs – according to me

10 best minimalism blogs – according to me

We all are seeking inspiration in our daily lives.  We read magazines, watch movies, read blogs.  and as much as movies can be inspirational, I found that blogs are better. Blogs are better because they are personal, written by same people as you or me. Everyone can do it, it only takes internet access and an idea. Some of us are more successful at it than others, but such is life. Blogging takes a surprising amount of work and research. Things that I get from this research are lists like this. My very personal  10 best minimalism blogs. This time in English. So in no particular order, top ten I read the most.

10 best minimalism blogs – according to me

1.  Slow your home – I love not only the blog but podcasts too. I download them in bulk and then listen on my commute.

2. Joshua Bakers – becoming minimalist – I read his book, by complete accident and really like it. Then I went into his blog and I really appreciate the newsletter.

3. Two less things – I admire Chris and what he has achieved, this blog is a document of a beautiful memory.

4. Blonde on the budget – like her attitude in life. We have a lot in common and I found her journey through Year Long Shopping Ban.

5. My favourite bi-lingual blog of Make life easier all posts are in two language versions and photos are great.

Now something for the eyes – fashion and beauty in a minimalistic manner.

6.When I was looking for inspiration for my capsule wardrobe I found The Capsule Wardrobe Project – a mine of ideas.

7. on the same thought I stumbled across Anna’s Edit and this post amongst other stuff she wrote

8. Sophie Davies and I share a lot of values in life.

9. Same applies to Andrea.

and the last but not least

10. Jen from Sustainable Edit, because for me minimalism is about sustainability and fairness.

So this is my very subjective list, what are your favourite blogs?