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Climate strike – we all should go!

Climate strike – we all should go!
Photo from climate strike even in Bournemouth Square on 20.09.2019

I went to the strike for climate strike event yesterday. It was great to see so many people caring, it was depressing knowing that very little will change.

To make a significant change, huge part of the human population would need to change their habits. They are not going to do it on their own accord and there is no political power that would want to impose those changes.

Sad reality is

Politicians, unfortunately, operate in 4-5 year election cycles, that means they are scared we won’t vote for them and they don’t get re-elected if they make/ support unpopular decisions, because people are selfish and any decision that means sacrifice will be unpopular. If you don’t yet know all about selfishness try to persuade someone to go vegan – even for a day. Then watch them burn with indignation when they defend their burger/bacon/pork chop. Also, politicians are too strongly tied up to business and various interest groups, and let’s be honest we are talking huge money. All their election campaigns are funded by oil/farming/fracking industries. It is the same in all sides of the political spectrum. Maybe not the greens, but they are the fringe party and have no real chance to make changes.

All of this combined makes it very clear that any hope for real change will be sacrificed on the altar of economical growth like we could eat money. All because numbers and GDP’s are the modern gods that take precedents over the growth of our children.

Main changes that are needed are to stop subsidising the meat and dairy farming. Put limits on personal car use and flying, stop Brazil from destroying the Amazon rain forest, put a high tax on palm oil – that will force companies to seek alternatives or maybe just produce less crap.

What can we do??

On a personal level, we can make a difference by just cutting out meat and dairy out of our diets and stop flying. Also buying less new outfits wouldn’t go amiss. Every year we produce millions of tonnes of clothes that end up in the landfill. All for sake of being trendy whatever that means. Stop being trendy, find your style and fuel it second-hand. Recently I needed to update a few things and used from eBay did the trick. First, it is lots cheaper. Second, you can find things that are superb quality and it is better for the environment. And if you worry about carbon footprint, the postal lorry is already going your direction regardless if it has a package for you or not. Anyway, you can look up some ideas here.

Also, we can and we should participate in climate strike, as often as we can. We should encourage our friends and our children to take part in it, it is their future.

However, most people, who haven’t done those changes already will tell you (maybe in the words of my work colleague, maybe not) it’s my country and I’ll eat what I want!

People are unwilling to make small sacrifices of their lifestyles – they will have to adapt to climate change, shame that we all will have to.

beautiful chant to take and sing at all climate strike events

People gonna rise like the water

Gonna calm this crisis down

I hear the voice of my great-granddaughter

Singing keep it in the ground – Peace Poets