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Efficient decluttering. Four easy steps.

Efficient decluttering. Four easy steps.

After the latest round of decluttering,  I became to develop a method, which is relatively efficient.  That means efficient for me. Not only allowed me to downsize most of my possessions but as well get it out of the house. See, I am quite good at sorting things, but sometimes they were left in their new bags for weeks waiting to be taken away. So recently I have worked out a method helping me with this issue.

I know some methods that will tell you to pick every single item you own and try to feel whenever it gives you joy, but it is not my approach. I have surprisingly little emotional feedback from my possessions.  I just like having them, I crave minimalism but my house is full of knick-knacks – mainly given to us by friends. So from now on, I replace those knick-knacks with things that make our home feel more homely. Nice cushions and candles, and cuddly blankets.

1. For efficient decluttering – sort by category

if you decide to sort something do it by category, for example, do books in one day, clothes the next. That way you have only deal with one type of stuff to get rid.

2. Only keep things that are useful or have a serious emotional value

which means asking yourself if you want to take it with you whilst moving across the country. Have to admit that this approach made all the difference.

3. Whatever you decide to get rid

get it out of the house same day. Except for the things you are selling, those can stay but you should set a time frame. If you won’t be able to sell them within this time frame- they can go to charity.

4. Do not buy more stuff!

I know this urge to fill emptied space, oh I know it so well. But I got to control it, partly because I can’t spend too much, partly because I don’t want to do another round of heavy decluttering anytime soon.

During our latest round of decluttering, we cleared books, clothing, beddings, documents and most importantly for me a lot of my craft materials. It turned out that a lot of things that I thought of as good project ideas will remain just that – ideas. As lovely it was to think that I can knit a jumper that I (or anyone else) will want to wear, I have to be realistic and just keep things I will have time and inclination to work on.