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Eleven things to do in October

Eleven things to do in October

Autumn is here to stay, for a bit at least, so I have a small list of eleven things to do in October, They are all designed to make you feel happier, cosier and at peace with changing seasons.

1 Stoptober- as every year, mass action to quit smoking and if you need help why not get it now.

2 Collect multicoloured leaves- wake up your internal child and let yourself be amazed. My favourites are maples and oaks, but by all means, explore every species possible. You can as well collect conkers and acorns and build something with them. Great fun if you have kids.

3 Go for an autumn walk, you can collect the leaves and get 2 in 1. But what is more important, explore outdoors, catch the days of sunshine – I noticed that weather is often better in the autumn and spring than in the summer here, so get all Vit D you can.

4 Have a bonfire, autumn is the time to clean up your garden, get rid of old broken pots, trim plants and remove dead parts. Everything organic (that doesn’t include pots) can be burned. Give yourself a bonfire, it can do magic to your mood.

5 Build a bug hotel- with bits of wood and broken pots. Bugs, toads and small mammals will be very grateful.

6 Help a hedgehog, when clearing your garden make sure you have gaps in your fences (actually under them) so hedgehogs can pass from garden to garden. And if you have a pond, put a plank of wood in the middle to save them from drowning.

7 Find a perfect beverage for long autumnal evenings- whenever it is earl grey with lemon, honey and ginger infusion or pumpkin spice latte make it worth your while. Find a perfect mug, wrap up warm and enjoy with all your might. Being cosy is worth a lot.

8 Read a good book- I’m reading at the moment “The brief history of everyone who ever lived” by Dr Adam Rutherford, and my posts are suffering as I got completely sucked in and reading something so good is worth it. Have some other books are waiting in line like “Human Universe” by Prof Brian Cox and Andrew Cohen, but they have to wait.

9 Eat pumpkin and squash – in any shape or form. They are delicious and good for you. For example in the squash, mushrooms and hazelnut medley

10 On that note go mushrooming and foraging for nuts, you will be surprised how many edible plants you can find, but never pick mushrooms you don’t know!!! In fact, the easiest way to find edible mushrooms is to stick to the spongy bottom rule. You look at the bottom of the mushroom and if it has a sponge-like texture – you can eat it. There is one exception, with is just inedible, not poisonous. It’s just very, very bitter. And if you are lucky you will find some ceps (more commonly known as porcini), fry them with your squash and nuts – they are divine.

11 Make your own pumpkin spice latte 😀 from this recipe or if you are anything like me change it a bit. I make it with stevia instead of granulated sugar, still, leave the brown for caramel notes, but use half of stevia what normal sugar, as it is sweeter. In that case, you need to keep it in the fridge as has less of preserving power.