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Ethical shopping – what does it mean to you?

Ethical shopping – what does it mean to you?

Ethical shopping – what does it mean to you?

I can tell you what ethical shopping means to me. In the spirit of minimalism and mindfulness, it means being responsible. For me, the whole idea of minimalism leads to more conscious, ethical shopping. It became not only about buying less. It is buying in more of a thoughtful manner too. And it applies to all areas of things we buy, from food to clothing and electronics.

One of the main concerns we have is the state of the world we are leaving for our children. We generate mountains of rubbish, we pollute the air, soil and water. And before you say anything, I know that my small personal effort won’t change anything on the bigger scale. But if you join me and someone else joins too – we can make a difference.

The biggest source of problems are the profit-driven corporations, who do anything for money. They are profit driven, and if we stop buying their products, they will have to change. The second biggest source of the problems are consumers. Unfortunate it is, it’s still true.

We don’t like to think something can be our fault, but at some point, we need to stand up and admit we create this problem. Because between corporations and consumers, we get the chicken and egg loop. Their greed makes trends change, then prompted by new releases our greed makes them richer so they produce new and newer all the time. Feeding our FOMO, feeding our egos and making us buy.

We confuse need and want, we expect things to be cheap and cheerful and often succumb to labels promising us better us. Then we complain about quality and waste but are really unable to put the stop to it. Over next few weeks, I’ll be making posts on how we can do more ethical shopping in all areas of our lives. Be with me on that one and in the meantime have a read at you can find there lots of helpful tips.

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