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ECI to ban same sex marriages is a load of tosh

ECI to ban same sex marriages is a load of tosh

ECI is an European Citizen’s Initiative – this one wants to ban same sex marriages – they need to gather 2 million signatures to have it presented before European Parliament. Unfortunately there are enough morons out there to sign this tosh.

Just finished reading news, I know I shouldn’t – they are bad for my blood pressure, but sometimes I can’t stop myself. Seen this awful post about European Citizen’s Initiative to ban same sex marriages. It is disgraceful. They call themselves mum dad and kids and claim they have moral right to the institution of marriage.

Some time ago I tried to have a conversation

with someone of those views -you know I like to at least try to understand other persons motives it went like this:

x – marriage is only for man and woman, if anyone can do it it spoils it for all of us

me -so explain to me how a nice pair of guys or girls living together is threatening to your marriage?

x – it’s just wrong

me – yes, you said, but how?

x – it’s a sin

me – but if they are not religious the way you are, then for them it is not a sin. and even if – what about love?

x – true love is only between man and a woman

me – I have plenty of friends and family who believe otherwise, they are happy in their relationships and love their partners

x – it’s not a love, it’s a sin

me – who gave you a right to decide for other people what is love and what is not?

x – I know what is right, you let them marry and then they want to have children. we can’t allow that

me – but why? does anyone tells you how many and if you can have children? anyway to have children they no need to marry, they are surrogates, girls can get pregnant. there is plenty of children born out of marriage – so what is your point?

x -if gay couples have children they teach them disgusting behaviours

me- like what? picking their noses in public? I don’t get what you are trying to say (more like I didn’t want to get it)

x – no they show children ubnormal sex

me – so you say that gay couple have sex in front of their children? where do you get this information from?

x – it’s obvious they do that, they live in the same house so they have to

me – do you have sex with your husband in front of your children?

x – no! how can you suggest such filth!

me- but you live in the same house as your children and following your logic if children brought up by gay couples see parental sex, yours should too.

x – we are normal

me – but what makes you think gay parents are not?

x -it’s a sin, anyway children should have a proper example of a normal family to grow healthy and be good people

me- I agree with you that children need good family to grow healthy and loved, but having two mums or two dads can be a good thing. At least they will be looked after and loved

x – no, not by same sex marriages!

me – why not? do you think kids in foster care, institutionalised orphanage etc have better examples of a family than two people who love and respect each other?

x – same sex marriage is not a family, they spoil families for all of us

me – I get this is your point, but what I’m trying to get is some logical reason behind it? How do they do it? What  is so threatening ?

x – it’s a sin

me – I had enough of this


so this conversation ended

with my conclusion that x is not longer on my friends list. I can’t waste my time on such people. I know many wonderful couples who you put heterosexual marriages to shame, their love and devotion for one another are beautiful. Sometimes I wish those who shout about god and sin would shut up and pray for empathy, humanity and forgiveness.

I hope no one who is still my friend signed this piece of venom – if you did – delete yourself from my friends list.

My friends (and family) in same sex marriage / relationships – I love you all.