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I am not an undergraduate anymore so what do I do? Shopping!!

Yesterday had my last exam, and now it’s complete anticlimax. Should do lots of things, left for after the uni work- but all I could do today was to go shopping and do some cooking.

Mind you -shop, my love for loyalty cards paid off today. Went to Superdrug (they have great brow bar and I still have a student discount!), picked up few bits – will write about them as soon as will try them- got to the till, lady swiped my loyalty card and told me “your basket is on us!”. I didn’t believe her at first :-), see on some cosmic scale, winning things like this is like a lottery- happens to other people.

Trip to TKMaxx resulted in Ilamasqua nail polish in Pink Raindrops, something to sport on the toes on the Pembroke beach next week.

Overall lazy day. Hope it’s a sign of the things to come.

And cooking concentrated on using up whats in the fridge, unfortunately didn’t take any photos- oh well next time.