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Life milestones – I graduated

Life milestones – I graduated
Last Thursday I have graduated,

As the life milestones go, this is pretty big, on the par with my marriage and daughter. Life milestones – I graduated and I am now an official Master in Science (Hons), however,  don’t feel grown up in any way. If anything I have more questions and doubts than before.

See, studying made me more inquisitive, more open-minded. University didn’t only teach me how to extract the DNA and run HPLC. Studying taught me that it doesn’t matter how complex problem is I can always find a solution sometimes at the moment when I want to give up. I almost didn’t go to my graduation. I was upset having spent last academic year working on something my mind wasn’t fully on and needed a break from it all.  However, time passed and I realised I might regret not doing it in a long run. After all, this whole thing is to celebrate an achievement.

And to graduate at my age

is an achievement, to do it in science is even bigger. At least from where I am standing, as I have fought prejudice about girls, maths and science for a long time. I was brought up with the idea that girls can’t be good at it and I proved it wrong. When I set off four years ago, I didn’t believe I could do it. I thought I will try and if it won’t work I only lose a year.

I didn’t lose anything, I achieved. I started to believe that I could so I did. I still don’t know who I want to be when I grow up, but that is a minor issue.

Life for me is about the journey and not about the goal. It is a road with some milestones on it, but I choose to collect only nice ones. Just like the memories and people. Four-year at uni give some dear friends, a degree and lots more self-confidence that I could hope for. Some hilarious moments, some challenges and some heartache. So I donned a weird outfit and celebrated my achievement with my family, as without them I would not have done that.

Now I take a year break, then off to another Uni. My life ambition is to stay a student forever, as learning is a beautiful journey.