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Minimalism lifestyle

Minimalism lifestyle

There are some misconceptions about minimalism lifestyle. Some see it as a complete ascetic, deprived life without pleasures. Living on the cheap, denying yourself everything. They couldn’t be more wrong.

So what is minimalism?

In one of the surveys, participants were asked how would they define the minimalist interior design. Their answers were

  • It’s free of clutter
  • Tidy, harmonious, fits our lifestyle
  • Allows concentrating on the important things in life.
  • Is not destructing from important things in life
  • Has a room for everything important for me.
  • Doesn’t take long to clean.

No one person mentioned it should be cheap because cheap is not a minimalist way. In fact, the minimalist way is to get things as good as we can. The very best we can afford. Because this way we won’t have to replace them.

Minimalism is a joyful lifestyle.

The same principles apply to life. Minimalism as I see it is about having the best we can, and get rid of the rest. Get rid all the negativity. People who make you angry or upset. You can force yourself into dealing with people you don’t want to, but at what cost? It will not make you happy.

Of course, they are some people who can do that/ pretend to do it. But unless you want to be seen as mother Theresa incarnate – make sure you will ration your energy.

Use it instead on things that make your life easier and people who make your life better. Know value of things. Learn the value of you. Understand that you are not cheap. Financially it means you will keep within your means. It is really liberating to live without credit card bills – try it. In deeper meaning, you will learn that knowing someone all your life, doesn’t mean you have to keep in touch.   That working with someone doesn’t mean you have to socialize and be a part of an extended family that you have to like.

Having a minimalism lifestyle is putting what is important for you first. It can be just you.