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Slow life – what is it?

Slow life – what is it?

What is slow life?

I like to see it as more of a smart than slow life. Sometimes I can be so busy that I have a problem to remember what day of a week it is. I do it, however, by my own choice. Recently I took a job. It’s a temporary one, but it’s 9-5 plus commute. I took it because I need some stable income for another 9 months. But it was my completely conscious choice. I know it will make difficult to find time for other things. but as I already wrote in the post on the commute I can do some things in a meantime.

Slow life is a philosophy to which I sign wholeheartedly. It puts you and your needs at the centre. It makes is so much more important than having. Just like with the slow food movement, you choose an organic part of your life. You know what comes from where and why you use it. Everything has its purpose. In orthodox version, one would get rid every distraction from one’s life, but reality doesn’t always allow that. Ideally, there would be a time to meditate before an organic breakfast and yoga session at lunch, but we all need money.

My slow/smart life philosophy helps me make choices. Today it is working 9-5, but at weekend endless cuddles with my family. And if we decide to spend a day in, slouching on the settee, it is our right. That makes memories too. The end game is to move to the seaside and live from the blog, yoga and photography. I know we’ll get there. I know it will be sooner than anyone would think. After all, time fly and it’s almost Christmas again.  This year it will be smart, streamlined Christmas with a minimalist approach to presents. In fact, I’m going to plan it right here on the blog. Hope you’ll tell me what you think.