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What it means to be stylish

What it means to be stylish

I’ve got to be lucky, after just finishing my degree I found a job – it is temporary, but that’s what I wanted. Given our long term future plans, temporary jobs are the best. So I have a new job and as all new jobs, this one requires sorting out logins and such. IT is in no rush, so I am spending the second day looking through the window watching people passing by. Another part of being lucky is the fact, that this job is in Shrewsbury. And Shrewsbury is a stylish town with lots of stylish people. 

Now, what does it mean stylish?

I believe everyone will have their own definition. The style is like the taste, what I see as stylish for someone else can seem awful and vice versa. However, in my eyes, Shrewsbury is great. People dress with flair and confidence, mind you nice, warm weather helps to notice this thing.

Anyway I have some really nice views today, see from where I’m sitting I can see lovely  Georgian period town houses, and seeing girl cycling past with a small dog in bikes front basket, wearing chinos and stripy tee makes it feel almost like somewhere on the continent.


See fashionable does not equal stylish

at least not in my books. When I’m looking at what is available on the high street at that moment I feel that someone tries to con me. In my eyes, The Icon will forever be Audrey.