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Things to do on the commute

Things to do on the commute

My new job requires a commute, not a very long one, just 20 minutes on the train. And I don’t like to waste those minutes. Unlike when you drive yourself to work, train gives you time to think, read, write. You can simply look through the window or people watch. Or you can do something for yourself and learn a new language.


With a Duolingo app,


You will have a choice of how much time you want to dedicate each day to learning. It will teach you in subject blocks and make it easy to get few new words in every time. And despite that after a week, all I could do is to order a cat for breakfast, point is that my brain is working on the new skill. See I am finding the transition from studying to just working a bit unsettling. Some sort of massive anticlimax. It came with realization, that I can have a problem to find a job in my field or even remotely related. There are no jobs for DNA analysts in my area, and out of the area is beyond my reach.


At least now I’m confined to the places reachable by train. I could, of course, buy a car, but I don’t want to. Not now, when we are saving for moving our house. And I feel that we can’t justify the two cars in a household from an environmental point. See one of the things I like about trains, is how many people they can carry.  It is so much greener than me driving only myself to work every day.


The commute can be a drag

if you let it. But it gives me a chance for some form of exercise. I still can choose to walk some of the distance to the office, instead of bus stop by the door. Another option would be to get a bike and ride to and from the train station. It is something I am considering. I even know what I want it to look like. The bike I mean. Have a look.

Another thing that the commute is good for

is this time just for yourself. You know that on the end there is work in the morning and home at night. But in those 20-30 minutes each day, you can take a breath, think, relax. This time is just yours.