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Again in my favourite part of Wales. Pembrokeshire.

Again in my favourite part of Wales. Pembrokeshire.

This time it was a working trip, joined an archaeological excavation at St Patrick’s Chapel. Mainly, because they found an early medieval cemetery in quite good condition, but as well because it was there. Whole excavation experience was an eye opener, difference between our approaches are staggering.

Dig aside, being in this beautiful spot was a pleasure as always. This time we had a chance to go on the boat trip to the small islands – which was epic (quoting daughter), got to see puffins, gannets and seals. Massive thanks goes to the crew from Blue Ocean Adventures, they made this trip special.

The family part of the trip was great, weather blessed us again and the area is juts stunning. Maybe Gods want us to move there, keeping advertising it so much :D.

Here are some photos from MrH, as my lens wasn’t up to the job on this occasion.