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What does emigration do to you?

This is a very current question, as many of you might contemplate a change of citizenship and/or country in the wake of Brexit. Usually, when you read about emigration, they are either dry numbers or glorified brochures from travel agents. Let’s be honest, many of us wanted to move to the place where we had spent holidays in hope that this summer bliss might spread on the rest of our lives. And wherever it is moving to Thailand or Pembrokeshire some things will be universal in this move.

If you move more than 2 hours travel from your family, you are uprooting yourself. When you move to another country, you do it even more so. When you decide to emigrate you are not only leaving behind your friends and family. You are leaving behind everything that is familiar o you, places, smells, views, often language. Even if you are fluent in the language of choice, it will always be the second one.

Emigration will make you stronger,

because if you can survive it – you can survive anything. It will make you more venerable. Will rob you of your roots giving you a chance to sprout new ones. Being a migrant will grind you down every step of the way, but it will also help you spread your wings. You will encounter problems you had no idea were problems and opportunities that will surprise you.

Emigration makes you more aware of your surroundings because you are never fully at home. Gives you a chance to be an observer, a tourist on daily basis. To be amazed and enchanted by things locals take for granted.

It doesn’t really matter where you move, you will be on your own. If you move as a family – then you will have just each other. No extended family or friend who can come to the rescue on short notice. Every crisis you will have to fight yourself. So if you are like me and this small family unit is enough, then you can move to the end of the earth. But if you need your daily/weekly contact with family and friends then just keep travelling. You would miss too much by emigration.

Overall emigration is a very liberating experience, but are you ready for this freedom?


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