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Why are we blogging and other things

 So why are we? for the same reason we are blaging 😛
or seriously, a lot of people take on fashion/beauty/lifestyle blogging because they read others blogs and think “I want to do that too, I want to get free stuff/go to fashion events/become celebrity too”, as a result we have lots of good fashion/beauty/lifestyle blogs and even more not so good. The general idea behind the blog is that this stuff is going to be read. And as in any form of journalism we should respect  our readers. That is the reason mine will be constant work in progress, sometimes with longer breaks between posts as it will take some time to get them right. To make it the way I want and you might enjoy.
I do too read other’s blogs, I really enjoy  that. When I have moment  break from running like headless chicken I love to read blogs (blogs, books,magazines, news- anything really, must be addicted to written word) and it makes lovely change from scientific journals- trust me on that.
My very favourite one is – she is funny and entertaining with amazing amount of common sense for someone her age :P. 
Second one I enjoy is completely different it is
Another one is   pure colour! Well worth a look especially if you miss spring and sunshine.
Where Hannah is Primark, Emily form FFG is High End Design. And where am I? Somewhere in between them. I still buy on High Street but prefer artisans and hand made stuff, things that are one of.
 Like this bag.