Shropshire hills – other side of Long Mynd

You know we like walking and every time we have a chance we go for hills or other interesting landscapes. Last weekend we went to other side of Long Mynd, in case you don’t know it yet- Long Mynd is an upland area with many nice hills and valleys. The main part of it is a National Trust managed with visitors centre at Carding Mill Valley. However if like us you want to avoid the crowds, hills spread over vast area and offer many chances for solitude.

For starters you could explore Ashes Hollow, really nice valley which will take you to the top of the moorland plateau, it’s less populated with tourists. On Sunday we went to Minton Batch, it gave us everything we could ask for, vast space, pretty views, about 5 other people on the whole 6 miles trail. And as a bonus as many billberries as you could possibly pick and eat.

I managed to smash my knee about half way through, but hey, one need to keep on. It only means no short skirts to work for few weeks. Berries got me so addicted, that I only took a handful of photos.

Here they are- enjoy