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Today I went to NEC

and meant to take loads of pictures from the show

but I didn’t, I spent all my time walking, looking, talking and haven’t taken single photo.
Still whole trip was worth it. (Catching train to Birmingham and all)
For a while I was thinking about getting the Instax 8 camera. Now I know more about it. It has several disadvantages (focusing range etc, spare you technical details there are plenty of forums where you can read about it), lack of photo preservation (not saving to SD card at all) the only plus is that it gives instant print. And all this cute colours to choose from.
So does Polaroid.
And both companies are doing instant printers Fuji is WiFi connected, Polaroid works entirely from app.
Polaroid prints work out bit more expensive per shot, but they give bigger picture. And those new papers with various skins are just great. And you can pick the old Polaroid camera in charity shop for less than half the price of Instax.
What will I do? You will find out soon.