been brownies

bake fit bean brownies

Bean brownies are another version of classic brownies. However, those deserve a title of light and healthy. Still lovely flavour and still very decadent. Just lots fewer calories. High in protein and fibre, which makes it perfect for weekday lunch box or as a reward after a day in the office. For vegan option replaceRead more

beetroot brownie

beetroot brownies

Brownies are an ultimate pick me up. Rich and decadent. Beetroot brownies are however a healthier option. By adding beetroot you will introduce an earthy flavour which goes so well with chocolate. You can use raw beetroots and roast them yourself or ready cooked for speedy baking. Either way, it will be a feast. EvenRead more

Productive weekend and well deserved treat :-) brownies with icecream.

Last week (including weekend) was very productive. Made lots of jam and orange and ginger marmalade, finished cupboard, started renovation of a small leaf table, went for our falconry experience (more of that in next posts). Done loads of washing. Started packing for our holiday. In all of that I got this huge need for something instantlyRead more