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Autumn work outfits.

Autumn work outfits.

Autumn work outfits.

My new job doesn’t require a strict business dress code. Which is a surprise and a creates a bit of inconvenience. I have enough of the business outfits, but not enough smart casual in my wardrobe. There is some restriction, i.e.  tops can’t be revealing in any way, but I can wear jeans. In fact whatever I wear is an improvement from the guy who was doing this job before me. He was wearing T-shirts and combats.

Last weekend we planned to go out, but the weather went on the autumn mode and was wet and miserable. So instead I spent some time on the internet doing a virtual shopping and I put a few outfit ideas together. I am curious, which one looks most appealing to you.


All of them are from Marks and Spencer,

I think nothing can beat them in terms of quality for reasonable price. I know they have some worse garments.  But if you, like me read all the labels – you can find something nice and ok priced.

I always go for the highest possible content of natural fibers, but the addition of polyester can actually be good for the garment. Same goes for all stretchy outfits, you need some elastane in your jeans to fit well. Just too much will make them go baggy very quickly. Anyway, found those and I like the look of them. What do you think?


It is great that there is a lot of choice and the trends for AW17 are not awful. I can be comfortable with choosing blue, gray and black. See a few seasons ago I couldn’t buy anything, as all it was there were a mustard and beetroot. And as much as I like them on my plate, they are not something I would wear. So this season trends at least are acceptable. I would prefer more various shades of gray, but what is out there is ok. All of those outfits can be found online, in stores, it can differ. Depending on location. I however always buy online with delivery to the shop. Try it there and then. It makes it so much easier to return if something doesn’t fit. I really like their customer service. See older I get fussier I get and like to be fussed a bit. They deliver the whole package.